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provides access to debt and equity providers for companies seeking additional capital to grow.

We are consultants for Funding Strategies and Solutions.

Financial District

Our funding sources consider both debt and equity solutions for a project.

We consider:

1. Perceived profitability
2. Percentage of ownership the principals are willing to give up
3. The “sex appeal” / visibility of the deal

We can provide access to funding for projects ranging from Technology, Renewable Energy, Real Estate Development, Construction, Startups, Entertainment, various others, and provide funding to build a fund, without having to go through a bank or outside investors.


VMaritZ Capital connects entrepreneurs to capital sources.

Funds are often differentiated based on their investment strategy, several of which are widely used in commercial real estate today.

Typically, private equity funds are structured as limited partnerships with fixed holding periods during which investors are not able to access or receive back their money. The investors are typically limited partners and the partnership is managed by a manager or management group that earns money both through annual fees as well as taking a share of profits earned.

A group of women at a business meeting

Our Process @ VMaritZ Capital is simple

Since you expressed interest in discussing business possibilities with our firm. Here’s our simple process.

1)Provide a Funding request in a completed worksheet.
2)Resume of the management team.
3)How much cash they  have available for the project?
4)How much money they will need exactly?
5)One to Two page executive summary.
6)Our team reviews all your completed documents after submission.
7)Our firm schedules an introduction call between all concerned parties to learn a little bit more what you are trying to accomplish .